Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good Stuff

It was a wonderful Memorial Day weekend of gorgeous weather, gathering with friends and family, and good food. And now this: Dark Chocolate, a new painting from Jonathan Koch! Is it possible to gain 5 pounds in 5 days...from a painting? OK, there was chocolate cake! There were cookies in the shape of Chicago-style hot dogs (you had to be there) and gourmet-caramel-and-cheese popcorn! We went to a wedding in Chicago, visited old friends in Michigan, connected with our own kids, and came back home to visit with two aunts who hadn't seen each other in several years. Plus, an oven-rack symphony (ditto on the being there) and "screaming zilch" (do not try this at home; involves fire). A lovely walk in the woods with friendly dogs and humans, a beautiful cold lake on a beautiful hot day, and an amazing encounter with twin fawns, just born, from a gentle distance.


seana graham said...

A departure from fruit! Apparently that Mr. Koch can apply his talent to many subjects.

I saw the wedding pics over at EIL. I am glad that Mandy and her family seem to have had a very happy day. And I'm glad to put a face to the name. She's very lovely.

Emily said...

I like chocolate! :-D

Kathleen said...

Thanks for coming by for the chocolate, Seana and Emily!!

Maureen said...

What an amazing painting.

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