Saturday, May 24, 2014

Suddenly Summer

It's not summer on the calendar, but it's suddenly (finally!) summer outside! So that's where I've been, and will be if you don't hear from me here! Golden columbine have just started to bloom, along with Ohio blue spiderwort. The red grape spiderwort and large purple clematis are in bud. Oh, the iris! Dark and light purple, glorious.

And, oh, the sweet smells of lilac and lily of the valley. (I've been steadily transplanting lily of the valley to areas of the shaded front yard over the last few years from a sweet, sweet bed on the north side of the house. On its own, the lily of the valley has dug mole-like under the fence and come up in the back yard, too!) The trellis roses are about to pop!

And the supposedly annual large pink phlox I secretly hoped was secretly! This Memorial Day weekend is starting out beautifully. And, two by two, the Aunts are marching in!


Collagemama said...

We used to call them popcorn flowers.

Pearl said...

I kinda forgot I had blogs myself for a while.

lovely garden pictures. our bleeding hearts have florescent yellow leaves and pink hearts.