Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Book of Bebb, Bub

Day 159 of the "What are you reading, and why?" project, and Candace is reading The Book of Bebb, by Frederick Buechner, because Ginny told her about this series of 4 short novels and brought them to her. The individual titles are Love Feast, Open Heart, Treasure Hunt, and Lion Country. They sound like very funny novels on Christian themes.

That Amazon link takes you to an all-in-one-volume edition. As borrowed by Candace, they are 4 small books held together by a rubber band.

Hey, I saw a necklace made of rubber bands today! It was very beautiful. Bouncy and fun! On a live human being. At a poetry reading/art opening sponsored by the Northwest Cultural Council at Arlington Green Executive Center Atrium & Gallery.

P. S. Kim's handy link to "The Rubberband Man" by The Spinners! (Turn on your speakers!)


Kim said...

click here for appropriate music to accompany your blog today!

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Kim! I stuck it in the entry, as a link.