Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Forgot a Title for This One

Days 145 & 146 of the "What are you reading, and why?" project, and this is a two-for-one as it was not convenient to connect to the Internet yesterday (pool party, fireworks, Missouri). But it was convenient to chat with people about what they were reading, as I am wont to do.

Morgan is reading the Temperance Brennan mystery series by Kathy Reichs, and is on book 5, which, thanks to Stop, You're Killing Me! I know to be Bare Bones. Yes, this is the character of the same name, but a completely different personality, according to Morgan, in the television series Bones. Morgan said most of the books have "bones" or "dead" in the title, the first book being Deja Dead, a catchy title, indeed. This is true, though one is called Fatal Voyage, another Monday Mourning, and another the particularly fun Grave Secrets. Morgan is reading these books "for fun" because during the school year she has 3 academic books going at a time as she pursues her masters degree in theology.

Phileta is also reading a mystery this summer, one with gambling and baseball thrown in: The Mercy Rule, by John Lescroart. I link you to the hardcover because that's what Phileta found on top of her dresser when she cleaned it off for the first time in, and I quote, ten years, and that's why she is reading it now. It was indeed first published in 1998 and she got a stack of hardcovers for sale 10 years ago, put them on the dresser, and is just now getting to them. She read the first few pages of some of these books and if they didn't grab her, she set them aside. The Mercy Rule grabbed her.

Her husband is doggedly making his way through the other hardcovers so it won't have been a waste of money.

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