Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nostalgic Potpourri

Day 149 of the "What are you reading, and why?" project and today, Garbage Day on my particular street and Hodgepodge Day in my meandering mind, I will report that several random strangers are reading wonderful books they remember from childhood or youth! (These are random strangers in a vintage bookshop, so not entirely random.)

A young woman caressed that pale lavender paperback copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, saying, "I used to read this over and over, and now I don't think I have it in my house," so she bought it, so she would. The fondness for the book was so sweet, and her nostalgia almost had the aroma of lavender. Plus, that background uncertainty--where is that book?--suggesting various leavetakings from various homes. Sigh....

A man returning to the area for the summer, on break from a professorship in the Middle East, visited the bookshop for old times' sake, bringing his wife and two young children, looking for books from his own childhood to give to his kids--particularly Dr. Seuss, and he found some. Meanwhile, his kids were vocal about their own non-Seuss finds, and he eventually gave in and got 3 books, one for each child, including his "inner child."

And a young man bought 100 Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a nostalgic favorite of mine, because people keep telling him to read it, so now he will. I love that book. I'm holding (well, now I'm typing, but I was holding) my mildly dampstained Avon Books paperback copy, 16th printing, in my cupped hands, as the lovers caress in their intense red and green jungle on the cover. Ah, 100 Years of Solitude. When I least expect it, the beautiful bald girl ascends to heaven in my mind.

And last night, I grew nostalgic for books I don't even have yet!--a paradoxical emotion. Just arrived from Amazon, where it waited on my wishlist till I had saved up, is What Feeds Us, by Diane Lockward, a poet I enjoy every time I find her work in the journals. Finally, I have this book. But her latest, Temptation by Water, is just out, and now I lust after that one. I say "lust" appropriately, I think, as this book seems to be about desire! And water, where I feel at home. And I still desire another Lockward book, Eve's Red Dress

Likewise, I yearn for The Alchemist's Kitchen, by Susan Rich, which sits in my cart till I save up again for poetry! But these two wonderful poets have given us all a treat. Diane interviewed Susan in her own blog, Blogalicious, which you can click on my bloglist, and you can read the interview, a poem, a meditation on the poem, and hear Susan read another poem via a link to youtube! (Or you can click Susan's blog, The Alchemist's Kitchen, on the bloglist, and find her link to the interview. Ah, the wonders of technology. Which reminds me, I signed up for Goodreads but haven't done anything there since. Sigh....)

Bloglists, aka blogrolls, are great. You see the latest entry, and they're so adorably clickable. Blogrolls sound edible.


DJ Vorreyer said...

So weird - I was just re-reading To Kill A Mockingbird, and I just finished The Alchemist's Kitchen AND Temptation by Water. Are you reading my mind?

Thanks for all the reminders about wonderful books and new books...always appreciated.

Kathleen said...

Sigh....Donna just told me I am reading her mind and that she has been reading Mockingbird, Kitchen, and Water, all mentioned above! Her comment has disappeared...but I hope it will magically reappear as did the others yesterday.

By further coincidence, I had just ordered Donna's new book...hoping I made the deadline for the crucial presale period...which is why I am saving up again for the others....

Kathleen said...

Ah, there they are: both comments!! I think they were too hot and humid, and had temporarily sought out air conditioning elsewhere.

Diane Lockward said...

I'm sure glad that I landed on your blog today to read your post as well as Donna's comment! It's lovely knowing I have readers I am just now "meeting." You're right--my new book is about desire and there's a bunch of water--maybe to cool down the heat a bit!

Just added you to my blogroll.

Susan Rich said...

Lovely to see all the conversation happening over here, too! I think I need more water in The Alchemist's Kitchen --- although Puget Sound (think Long Island Sound) gets some attention. I do have a poem about "The Idea of Ice Cream at Alki Beach" which is in West Seattle. Sometimes the internet makes me happy -- like meeting all of you this way. Kathleen, you will be coming to Seattle soon - yes? Bring your sun glasses!

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