Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living on the Earth

Day 153 of the "What are you reading, and why?" project, and a bunch of new people are reading my recent chapbook, Living on the Earth (Finishing Line Press, 2010, New Women's Voices, No. 74), because I had a release reading for it today in my general hometown area.

At the exact same time as the World Cup soccer finals.

OR a few more people would have been there, who love poetry AND soccer.

Also simultaneous with the Sugar Creek Arts Festival, a fabulous gathering of artists and craftspeople. And county fair foods people (corndogs, funnel cakes, kettle corn, of which I ate none. ) I did, however, purchase a melted beer bottle (Rolling Rock), with blue beads on it, from Total Meltdown.

I am very grateful, and pleased. Some people who came announced themselves afterwards as poetry reading "virgins." Wow! And, while I did explain much of my attire...

1) Batiked silk shirt, bought at a previous Sugar Creek Arts Festival

2) Earrings made from recycled rolled paper, from the Beads of Hope project, Africa, purchased at Printers Row Book Fair, Chicago

3) Shoes worn for Clean House, at Heartland Theatre, the reading venue...

...I did not tell them I was wearing polka dot underwear. I am telling you that, faithful readers.

Some old faithfuls came, including my mom, who rocks. And a guy from church, with fabulous blue eyes, a guy I keep trying to set up with single women.... (It's OK, he doesn't read my blog...he doesn't own a TV, either.) The virgins. My dad, who gave up the first part of the World Cup to hear me.

Julie, of A Follow Spot, the sweetie.

Some of my students. And fellow area poets. Amazingly, it was a fabulous turnout, filling the center section of the theatre!

Thank you, all.


DJ Vorreyer said...

Congrats on a great reading - I have my first feature at Molly Malone's tonight for the new release of my Finishing Line chapbook. I hope it goes as well as yours - but I'm not telling you my underwear color!

Kathleen said...

Good luck, Donna! I just ordered your book and hope I made the pre-sale period. (I am linear time challenged.)

Julie Kistler said...

You were way more fun than the World Cup. Like, duh.