Friday, August 31, 2012

Bloon = Blue + Moon

I thought I had made up a cute new word for the blue moon, but I had not. Bloons are part of a major game thingey PLUS a thing you can fly around near space in to enjoy your home planet. Probably I had learned some of that before, though the test flight for the near-space bloon was just this May in Spain.*

Anyhoo, there's a 100% full moon tonight, and it's blue, meaning it's our second full moon this month. This is making some people crazy, but it's making me clean the bathrooms and launder the sheets. Oh, maybe the approach of houseguests accounts for that!

The moon does have a big pull on us, in many ways. It makes some of us blue, it makes some of us stand in awe, and, you know, the tides... But, speaking of cleaning toilets, what makes the swirl of a toilet flushing go one way or another? Ah, the Coriolis effect. My brain is full. And swirling.

And gone.

*The bloon in Spain stays mainly on the plain?

Thanks to Gregory H. Revera and Wikipedia for this full moon.


Collagemama said...

And then there are those toilet tank inserts that turn the water blue so you can sit there just wondering what exactly is a "neap tide" beyond a common crossword puzzle answer.

Molly said...

Oh, now I know why I thought it ESSENTIAL to clean the car out stem to stern. Also, I think this blue moon gives permission to an early-ish glass of wine after the clean-out. Which is now :).

Kathleen said...

Exactly! On the wine.

And now I also understand (sort of) neap tide and spring tide! Wooee. More wine!