Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bright Yellow Mushrooms

Ew, right? Today, as if to celebrate the Hump of the Week, bright yellow mushrooms surged up from the soil in the big flowerpot that holds my thriving avocado plant. I know from Googling, and from this Houseplant Care Guide in particular, which I also thank for the images, that the problem is fourfold: some probable combination of overwatering, poor drainage, old soil, and/or cheap potting soil (with mushrooms already in it).

So I put my avocado plant outdoors in the gorgeous sunlight; most of the little 'shrooms curled up and died, and one got bigger. (But not as warty as these.)

I am reading two books at the same time. (I have my reasons.) One is Blindness, by Nobel Prize author Jose Saramago, and the other is The Solitude of Prime Numbers, by Paolo Giordano, both in translation. Loving the latter, a fast read, and a little scared of the former, partly because, before I read the opening scene, I dreamed it!

It was happening to me this morning in a dream: I was driving, and I suddenly went blind!

Fortunately--so I don't have to fear my own psychic powers--the blindness in the book is milky white, while the blindness in my dream was utterly black, as if all power went out everywhere.

Creepy as yellow mushrooms!

AKA flowerpot parasols.  (Cheered myself up with these!)


Maureen said...

I have never seen mushrooms like those in the pictures. I would love to know Nature's reason for making these yellow, warty, and, as you say, creepy, which they are indeed. They kind of make me want to swear off ever eating a mushroom again.

Kathleen said...

Definitely don't eat these! They aren't poison, but they aren't edible ones.

Collagemama said...

This is on my reading wish list re your little yellow visitors:

Cathy said...

I think they're kinda cute. Still, I'm sure the avocado enjoys spending some time outside.

Kathleen said...

Nancy, I want to read that book, too.

Cathy, indeed the avocado is loving it. And so, as it happens, is the yellow mushroom, which this morning spread out like a parasol.

Natalie the Singingfool said...

I had those EXACT fluorescent mushrooms growing in my flowerpot FOR YEARS! I never did anything about them though, because I secretly thought they were pretty.

Kathleen said...

Natalie, I love yellow, so I was both stunned AND creeped out by the sudden appearance of these mushrooms!!

Anonymous said...

I got the exact same yellow mushrooms in my avacado flowerpot today! My guess is that the mushrooms might be in some type of symbiosis with the plant, since my plant is thriving! I did water it extra 4 days ago since the leafs were pointing down.