Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Desserts

It's taken me a while to recover from the sandy family-wamily vacation and catch up on all the chores (laundry), mail (bills), writing/editing tasks (submissions, script revisions, actor/poet bios for some upcoming events), and mood issues (sad, vacation is over, who am I?) so today is a Blue Monday, Fat Tuesday, Hump of the Week, and Poetry Someday all at once. Tomorrow may or may not be an actual Thor's Day.

Today I am showing you some beautiful women cheerfully guarding the dessert table at the 2nd (annual) memorial celebration of the life of Chris Al-Aswad, founder of Escape Into Life. You can read more about it in the EIL Blog today (and see more pix) and more about Chris, including a journal poem about his connection to his mother, here.

I'll pause to mention that my church used to have a fundraiser called Just Desserts that was indeed just desserts but that the phrase "just deserts" is about justly receiving what you deserve, a common misspelling and misconception. But a sweet one!

In life, I don't know if we all receive our just deserts. Or we do and don't always know it. Oh, karma!

I just paused to Google the question, "Is there a dessert called karma?" and found this: Sweet Karma Desserts. Thank you. And you're welcome!

What was I saying? Oh, yes, I also enjoy this photo of the men discussing the problems of the world and my husband guzzling beer in the background.

I think there was more I wanted to tell you, and more that ties in with just deserts/desserts, making it also a Random Coinciday in the blog. Yes. Tonight I will be discussing The Art of Fielding, by Chad Harbach, and eating angel food cake baked by our hostess, with the book group, inviting partners to partake this evening (whether or not they read the book, but it's a baseball-philosophical novel, chosen with partners in mind). I will be taking cherries, because life is a bowl of them.

In The Art of Fielding, a promising young baseball star encounters unexpected personal failure and self-doubt. It's perfect to be looking closely at this book during the Olympics, with all those stories of high expectations, upsets, glory, and confidence lost and found. And, of course, driving home from lap swimming this morning, I got to hear Frank Deford talking about "Four Sports Superstars, Four Years Later" on NPR, which ties right in.


Hannah Stephenson said...

Dessert is a dish best served chocolatey, or with powdered sugar, or with few raspberries, or with coffee. :)

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