Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sweet Corn

It got back-to-school HOT (but not too hot, cuz the blues are cool) just in time for the Sweet Corn Blues Fest in beautiful Uptown Normal.  As WGLT says, "The Blues are free and the corn is cheap!" Some years they actually run out of corn, which is cooked on the street. You can hear, smell, and eat fresh Kettle Corn, as well. And buy ears.

Bands today have cool names, among them: Chicken Shack and Sugar Prophets. But it's Slattern Day in the blog, so just click the links!

We may bike into town via the Good to Go program! I may be tempted to purchase WGLT Acousticity pint glasses, to honor beer and folk music. But mostly I will hang out with the college grad son, home for the Sweet Corn weekend!


Collagemama said...

HOME FOR SWEET CORN WEEKEND sounds like an excellent motto for a cross-stitch embroidery sampler.

Kathleen said...

It does!