Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Collecting Seeds

On breaks from editorial & writing work, I go outside and collect seeds. In paper envelopes. I have one marked just "Balsam" and one marked "Magenta Balsam." The magenta were in the minority this summer, and I want more of them! Meanwhile, deep maroon cosmos has just bloomed, and the morning glories continue, yesterday in profusion, today in a kind of purple and blue striped reluctance that I think means, "It was too cold this morning!" But yesterday the glorious blue blossoms stayed open all day! (For a beautiful maroon cosmos image, go here!)

Also meanwhile, things are back to scary at Escape Into Life, with a new poetry feature by Julie Brooks Barbour, with photos by Rashod Taylor (who is doing a local tintype portrait event this coming Saturday!). I love living in an artsy town!

Perpetual meanwhile: rejection, rejection, rejection, sudden acceptance, rejection, arrival of publication, patient persistent submission, writing, editing, and a bit of purple & blue striped reluctance. But the sun is shining, so I'm off to enjoy it, eat my forgotten lunch, and collect more seeds before the afternoon tasks!


Collagemama said...

I will try to find out if Gregg's mistflower will grow in your zone. I could send you some seeds for that.

Collagemama said...

P.S. My security code was 271 ourured, which is close to Oh you are, you are indeed.

Kathleen said...

Thank you! I love seeds. I do indeed.