Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Romancing Gravity

This is not a blog entry about George Clooney and the current film, Gravity. I saw a trailer for that, and it made me dizzy. So would the wild ride pictured on the cover of Romancing Gravity (Silver Birch Press, 2013), a book of poems by Daniel Romo. So I guess there is a connection on this otherwise Random Coinciday in the blog! (Click on book title and/or press to see beautiful silver birches and/or to buy book!) No, if it were (a blog entry about that), it would be called Romancing Clooney.

Imaginary soundtrack: Love, all love songs sung by Rosemary Clooney. (I own this. So it's not always an imaginary soundtrack.)

I posted a review of this book at Escape Into Life today, because it is a Poetry Wednesday there (and a Poetry Someday and the Hump of the Week here). This is a book of poems with sports in it, and a car chase, and I hope Daniel Romo knows he can send poems to Intentional Walk, an online magazine that specialize in sports poems. And, newly, creative nonfiction.

It's been an artsy fartsy sportsy kind of day for me so far. I got my tickets to see Iris Dement at the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts, I saw an art exhibit based on bicycling, running (and also geography and technology*) at the McLean County Arts Center, and tonight I will be rolling merrily along down the road, possibly in a sports utility vehicle (but I don't know cars) to see Merrily We Roll Along, a musical that rolls backwards, in a movie theatre in Peoria.

*It's called Moraine, and the artist, Stephen Cartwright, has applied statistics from his own locations in daily life and his own cycling and running activities to create sculptural topographies, some of them kinetic. Push a button, and they move! Coincidentally, Cartwright lives, teaches, and makes art in Urbana-Champaign, another place you can see Merrily We Roll Along in a movie theatre!

Hmm, I seem to need a public domain picture of some wheels. Thank you, Wikipedia, for this penny farthing bicycle!


Collagemama said...

Interesting coincidence as I find myself in a silver spot, too. Romancing Clooney... hmmm.

Kim said...

I think Rosemary was George's aunt! Have fun rolling along.

Kathleen said...