Friday, October 4, 2013

Scary Things

It's already a scary month. Various scary things, recent, present, or looming: Syria, shutdown, shooting. Nick Courtright's poetry feature at Escape Into Life (+ some haunting poems I'll post closer to Halloween). The sky yesterday evening just before it let loose. This art by Kenichi Hoshine.

An edgy feeling, and also a loss-of-the-edges feeling. How those two feelings co-exist--as if I am merely a sketchy outline, disappearing.

Hearing my own poem, "League Bowling," on the radio, and remembering how scary it was to write it.

But today, the baby is alive! The sky is blue. The morning glories keep tumbling off the fence. The balsam, beaten down to the ground by the rainstorm, will release its seed close to the earth.

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Collagemama said...

This art gives me the willies.