Friday, May 20, 2011

Make Lemonade

Yesterday I did not dust, and I did not post a blog entry.  Does that make me a slattern?

I was exhausted. Probably from reading poems all day to sweet, sweet kids the day before, but also in some other undefinable way.

I did work on various writing projects, I did recover my energy, and I did discover I am not addicted to blog posting.

So that's good!

And this lemon came from painter Jonathan Koch, so I send you his way for a painting!

And you might like this National Geographic picture, too, that people are sharing at Facebook!

I am off to do a little gardening before the rain comes, and before the Rapture.


Nancy Devine said...

down time is good, especially when it entails not dusting.

nene said...

Happy planting. Ah yes, The Rapture, see you in the next blog life. {:-) Felt like a kid making this face. Now all I need is for someone to read me a poem!

Maureen said...

Thank you for your shout-out in an earlier post. I'm still catching up after being away (and off-line).

Have a lovely weekend.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Glad the downtime was helpful. I'm still trying to recover from three days with non-stop toddler access. Here's to Slattern Days.

Kathleen said...

The rain did not come! The sun did! And I am always in a kind of rapture.

Collagemama said...

Love the NG photo in my favorite complementary color scheme.

Kim said...

I filled up my gas tank after thinking about the Rapture... a full gas tank will help me drive away from the Zombies and more money in my bank account will not be needed. Hope I made the right choice. Plan to make lemonade out of lemons if necessary.