Friday, May 6, 2011

Speaking of Pomegranates

Speaking of pomegranates, here's a poem by Melissa Broder, from Loaded Bicycle, with a pomegranate it, a "pomegranate on high alert."

And speaking of Adam and Eve, as we were earlier in the week, I have a poem in the new issue of Blood Lotus called "The Apple." And it has a pomegranate in it, too. And a psychiatrist.

Blood Lotus is an online magazine where you click the issue to turn the pages, or click on the string of pages or dots below to find a particular page or move to the next section--here's issue #20!

And if you clicked on the pomegranate phone on hump-of-the-week day, after reading about Izanagi and Izanami, you might have ended up, not in Japan, but in Nova Scotia. Here's why! (From that brief Wikipedia link, you can also click the official Pomegranate phone website link at the bottom of the article, if you haven't yet seen all the phone's features.)

Headed to Chicago again for another reading, this time the book release reading for Solace in So Many Words, edited by Ellen Wade Beals, at Women and Children First Bookstore.

I have essays in it, too, but I'll be reading my two short poems, "Postponing a Response to the Fact of Mortality" and "The Heartbreak House." If there's time and it's not pouring down rain, I might walk through my old neighborhood and over by the heartbreak house itself, the one that got away....

Speaking of which, by random coincidence I saw Up on tv last weekend, while we were discussing Genesis, Brave New World, and "Tom Outland's Story" by Willa Cather at Great Books Chicago, looking closely at ideas of paradise, utopia, dystopia, human nature, civilization, free will, and so on.

is the Disney/Pixar film about an old man with a lost dream taking a house via helium balloons to a place called Paradise Falls. I love my life.

Happy Random Coinciday!


Maureen said...

Enjoyed the poem! Congratulations. Have a great weekend.

Julie Kistler said...

I loved that movie. I love Ed Asner, anyway, and he was very Ed Asner (even in cartoon form) in "Up." Plus the movie had a sweetness to it that I very much appreciated.

Cathy said...

You should just get an apartment in Chicago, with so many appearances. My my my. I hope you have another safe and pleasant trip--no pomegranates on high alert, but watch out for evil peaches.

Kathleen said...

Hello, dears. I'm back. Thank you for your comments. It was a lovely reading, and a lovely day in Chicago.