Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thor's Norse

Two cool things: 1) Dave Awl is awesome! 2) The movie Thor opens tomorrow!  How do they connect?  Both are Norse, and it's Thor's Day in the blog.

Actually, I don't know if Dave himself is Norse, but he told us about Ginnungagap, or the "yawning abyss" in Norse mythology, at the Encyclopedia Show: Creation Myths this past weekend, one of the events of Great Books Chicago. As Dave put it in his hilarious and sometimes rhyming account, "Mind the Ginnungagap!"

Dave's program bio says "he accidentally wrote a book about Facebook." (Reminds me of how I started this blog.) It's called Facebook Me! A Guide to Socializing, Sharing, and Promoting on Facebook, and here it is, in its second edition, on Amazon. Clearly, this is something I need to read, as I sure the heck don't know what I am doing on Facebook!

And here is Dave's awesome Ocelot Factory, where you can learn more about Facebook Me!, hire him to develop your web content, see all the cool stuff he is doing (performing, writing, etc.), and even read a chapbook of surreal poems called Night Diaries.

Not only that, but Dave supports Amnesty International and Equality Illinois! Among other fine causes. I was also hoping Thor, Norse god of thunder, would do something to help these fine causes, but, for now, the sun is out, the old man's not snoring...

You can hear some thunder here, at Thor, the movie's official site. All's well that ends well, and all's Norse when Thor snores. No. All's s'mores when Thor's Norse. No. Norse s'mores when Thor's horse...NO! Anyhoo, leave your own tongue twister or weird Norse saying in the comments. Or s'mores.

"Mind the Ginnungagap!"


Emily said...

You met me on Facebook. You'd still be Chris' imaginary sister, otherwise.

Kathleen said...

Emily, that's right! But I knew of you for many years, even before Facebook!!

ted tingley said...

I feel trapped in Ginnungagap. Since my family's origin is from a Norse neighbor I think that may be where Kim got all her recipes. See my blog.