Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Versatile Slattern

have been honored with another blog award, this one the Versatile Blogger Award, by the lovely poet and blogger Donna Vorreyer. Her rules are listed below, and her own random facts are listed here, at Random and Fandom!  Thank you, Donna!
The "rules":

--Thank the person who honored you and print a link to their blog. (Done and done.  See above.  Also, I did this in more personal, less slatternly ways, as well.  Thank you again, Donna!)

--Tell 7 random facts about yourself.  ("Maybe tomorrow," said the slattern.)

--Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers. (I might do this gradually, referring back to this post, and I might not reach 15, as I have given out other awards, and some blogs I read don't do this kind of thing. Others will have already been awarded!)

--Contact each blogger who receives this nomination. (Will do this in a slatternly way. For instance, if you are a regular blog reader, and you see yourself here, you are notified!  You can let me know if you want to follow these rules or not. I don't want to oblige or barrage you.)

--Let the giver of the award know whether you accept it or not. (Done.)
The fabulously versatile slatterns bloggers:
--Hummus Anonymous! A blog not just about hummus! That's what makes it so versatile. You might read about her kids, her player boyfriend guy, her family history, book group, food, or the Cubs!
--Dog is My Co-Pilot!  A blog not just about dogs co-piloting planes! You might read about dogs, yes, but also see adorable babies with adorable cheeks riding air mattresses, or learn about gay marriage legislation. Not updated very often, as this blogger confesses to some slatternliness, and looks good in a bra. (She does look good in a bra, but I thought I'd better cross that out.)
--We Are Family!  Family, yes, and more adorable baby pix; in fact, the babies in these two blogs are in ongoing "cheek wars" for cuteness.  Plus, you will drool at the food photos and learn to cook. Virtually, in my case.
--Musings of an Old Woman!  Exactly as titled, only not really so old.
--About Time!  Musings of an "old" man.
--Collage Mama's Itty Bitty Blog!  She knows I love her.  For her versatility, among other things! You will see gorgeous nature photos, marvelous collages (if you click around), and learn about the education of the young and the care of the elderly, all done with compassion and humor.
--Dick Jones' Patteran Pages! Newly reading this versatile blog, finding lovely stuff on poetry and great family wamily pix!
--City Bird!  Hilarious and kind.  You can read about odd behavior in a duck.  Cathy Douglas, I am not calling you an odd duck.
--the rain in my purse!  I love this poet's blog. Today, like a true slattern, she has posted a previously written poem, "Shady," and a favorite of mine. Put on your sunglasses; she's brilliant.
--Ian Belknap! Brace yourself! I blogged about him yesterday, so this is a further testament to his brilliance and my slatternliness.
--Dave Awl's Ocelot Factory! Likewise, previously blogged about this wonderful fellow. I'm a slattern. If he's one, too, he will not see this nomination.
--Bacon and Chocolate! What could be more versatile than bacon and chocolate?!
--Via Negativa! Talk about versatility! Click around! (He's not a slattern, but he's gone for a little while. Fear not, stuff will keep appearing there.)
--Confessions of Ignorance! This is one of my favorite blogs, as it fully explores the meaning, origins, and usage of various words. This blogger, Seana, has more than one blog, so she's versatile in that way, too, but there is also versatility in the kinds of words she chooses! She explored the word "skedaddle" for me upon request, helping me do some Civil War research. I thank her!
and, last but not least, for I seem to have indeed cited all 15 in one day, is the Queen of Versatility, Maureen E. Doallas of
--Writing Without Paper!  A blog about so many wonderful things! Art, writing, neat things. Today she posts her Saturday Sharing (My Finds are Yours) feature. And she's no slattern.


DJ Vorreyer said...

I love the variety of the blogs you've listed. I already read The Rain in My Purse - love Sarah's work. I have looked at Bacon and Chocolate on your suggestion before, but now I have many other places to visit.

seana said...

Thank you, Kathleen. You will see that this award has led to some interesting results. As for multi-blogging being a sign of versatility, it's really more a sign of not having adequately thought the whole thing through...

Dick said...

Kathleen, thanks so much for the nomination and the link with it. I hope you won't think it ungracious if I gratefully decline. A while ago my blog became so blinged up with graphic links, apps and the odd award that it looked like a Christmas tree!. So with the customising and re-formatting, I decided to trim it right back to the wood and keep it clear. I'm very glad to have found your blog and acknowledgement of mine from yours and traffic between us is creditation enough.

Kathleen said...

Thanks again, Donna! Seana, loved seeing "slattern" defined at your blog this morning! Dick, I totally understand. And often fail to pass on chain letters in email, myself. As a child, regular mail chain letters sort of scared me. I was kind of tickled that the Versatile Blogger award at least didn't require a pictorial badge! And I love alerting people to other people's blogs!!

ted tingley said...

Thank you for the nomination. I am honere but can't qualify.

My seven facts might be fiction and most of the bloggers I follow know me to well.

I follow only five bloggers not 15 and 1 of them never blogs.

I have not mastered the ability to; print a lind to anything yet.

I like the status quo.

Kathleen said...

Thanks fine, Ted. And you're not a slattern, either!

seana said...

I am rather curious about the blogger who never blogs, though.