Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have climbing roses just starting to pop open on a trellis on the south side of the house!

The other trellis remains bare, with a small rose bush at its base that is slowly resurrecting from a rabbit-induced nothingness some years ago. The trellis of abundance survived absolute hacking after a house fire in 2006 and dramatic repairs.

The roses on this nice, white picket fence come from South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster, where you can find great advice and information on rose gardening.

More great advice at Rose Gardening 101.

Hm, I should take some of this advice! But I imagine I will continue with my wild Edenic gardening, which produces erratic and glorious eruptions of whatever wants to grow here, my own private prairie restoration and honoring of beauty, bugs, butterflies, rabbit & squirrel (stew), and wildlife in general.

Speaking of which, what exactly is Hellzapoppin? Oh! A crazy musical comedy revue! Kind of like my garden if it could sing and tell jokes.

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