Saturday, May 5, 2012

Graduation & Prom

Graduation and prom are both on the same night. Tonight. Also Cinco de Mayo and Night of the Supermoon.

Imaginary menu: Mandarins with Almonds by Jonathan Koch.

Actual menu (dinner before prom): Club sandwich!

While I type, son is 1) graduating 2) emailing me to say so 3) with picture! 4) I am clicking (in vain) the Live webcast button.

I'm the mom-on-call back at home on prom night. Dad is in the audience at graduation. But we both got to see the Design Show last night, and I got to hug the graduating boy.

I got to take pix of daughter in prom dress at Ewing Castle!

Yellow peonies. Maroon iris. Multicolor gowns!


Collagemama said...

Wow. I love maroon iris and those really dark Queen of Night ones. Did not know peonies could be yellow.

Tonight I am searching online for a recipe. I thought I had clipped one for a watermelon, feta, and fancy-schmancy lettuce with fig vinaigrette, but it must have been a dream. Now I have the ingredients, but no recipe, and the school picnic is tomorrow.

Mandarins and almonds are staples of my sack lunches. Love the painting. My students would argue they aren't mandarins, they are "Cuties".

Kathleen said...

Maybe the artist can use Cuties as a future title!

Just saw son receive diploma via Live Webcast!!!

Cathy said...

That's so exciting! Woo-hoo!