Friday, May 11, 2012

With My Mom

I got to have some time with my mom today, at the Bloomington Kiwanis Flower Sale, their 3rd annual Mother's Day weekend fundraiser for Camp Limberlost. My dad got this thing going here after visiting a similar event in Akron, Ohio, where he grew up!

Locals, the sale is 9-7 Friday and Saturday and 10-5 Sunday at the Shoppes at College Hills under a big red-and-white striped tent!

Dad got some vegetables for the garden, plus mulch. Mom found some impatiens for her shady areas. And I got a variety of lovely little plants for my hanging pots: asparagus fern, a purple lobelia, delicate white euphorbia, and yellow and white lantana (which I hear grows like a weed in Australia). The idea of the pots is that 1) the rabbits won't eat these delicacies as they hang from the eaves 2) the squirrels, likewise, can't dig in the pots, burying their treasure and kicking up the plants.

And beauty.

Planning to get together with my mom on Sunday, too, to talk poetry!!


Collagemama said...

Those squirrels will keep trying! Have a nice Mother's Day.

Kathleen said...

Yes, they will. I rigged up a little fence of scrap wood posts around the rim of a couple pots with seedlings, and they just tossed them out. "We don't need no stinking fence posts."

The Beans said...

If I didn't know better, I would have thought the leaves for the flower were mint. Perhaps I need to visit the eye doctor soon.

-Barb the French Bean