Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lemon Eclipse

Lots going on today: solar eclipse, NATO summit, NATO protests, poetry workshop, and my dad "preaching" in church: a new Genesis. When the pastors are never know what might happen.

I got this new painting, Meyer Lemon on a Ledge, by Jonathan Koch, via email, and had to look up "Meyer lemon" to see what it was. It's a lemon crossed with an orange, or a mandarin orange, rounder and sweeter than your average lemon.

And here are 100 things to do with a Meyer lemon, if you, too, are having a Random Coinciday....


seana graham said...

Sadly, you are reminding me that I totally forgot about the eclipse today, even though I remembered it yesterday.

I still don't understand why I never heard of Meyer lemons till about five or six years ago, but since then, I hear about them everywhere.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Meyer lemons smell AMAZING.

The artist I link to in my poem today reminded me of someone you would like: