Saturday, May 12, 2012


Thanks to this post at Two Beans or Not Two Beans: The Mishaps of Two Human Beans, today I am making rata-touille. There will be a few mishaps. But I have wine. And French bread. And fresh strawberries. And frozen pizza. Just in case.

I have a beautiful, beautiful eggplant. As long as no one sees it and knows that it is a main ingredient in the soup, we may be all right!

Due to a recent sale at the grocery store, I also have olive oil out the wazoo.

Cooking a soupy vegetable stew from scratch seems like a perfect thing to do on Slattern Day. I plan to be untidy. (And to use my homemade compost bin for the peelings!)

Also, time to tally the submissions toward the 100 Rejections project! Since September 1, I've sent out 86 packets, had 35 rejections and 25 acceptances, with 26 pending. My ratio is still looking darned good!

And, to make it a Random Coinciday, this morning when I told my husband I was making ratatouille he told me he was watching a French thriller last night with a scene that had this dialogue:

"What are you making?"


Of course, they were speaking in French. But, in French, ratatouille is ratatouille, right?!


Collagemama said...

Okay, just a random thought on slattern day, but "olive oil out the wazoo" reminded me of a funny photo on the 365 Project yesterday which you definitely need to see. While I was typing this a small and almost cute rodent came sauntering along the fence cross support board. It suddenly realized the sheltering shrubs were gone and it was looking at me with a big oops grin. That would be "oops" with a French accent.

Hannah Stephenson said...

That IS a great ratio :).

Ratatouille is an adorable movie...I love that scene where the critic tastes it and instantly visualizes his childhood...

The Beans said...

So, how did the ratatouille turn out? :) Details, details!

Your ratio is actually very good! Congratulations!

-Barb the French Bean

Kathleen said...

The ratatouille was good. I had read the story about the man who wanted his wife's dowry as olive oil for her ratatouille...and I understood. If cubes of eggplant are not sufficiently soaked or sauteed, they are a bit like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal. Think of it: eggplant flavored fake marshmallows. But mostly it was good. First night, just the ratatouille and French bread. Second night, ratatouille and rice. Then, on to the Nicoise!