Friday, May 18, 2012

Sprouted Onion

Gorgeous day. I am going back out in it.

I had walked into town for a meeting, thinking maybe I would stop by the library on my way home to see if The Psychopath Test, by Jon Ronson, is in yet, but I got a ride home from my mom, which gave me a wee bit of chatting time with her. Came home to the email saying the book is in, so I have a perfect excuse to do more walking.

Ah, but I had just started, finally, A Story Like the Wind, by Laurens van der Post, and that is going to be hard to set aside. Fortunately, I am only on page 9, so I can easily start over again if I don't read these simultaneously. I am re-reading Olive Kitteridge, too, before book group meets, and I notice, over at Goodreads, that I am in the middle of a couple of other books, too! But I have to read things at just the right time!

And place. And van der Post can come to the beach with me, perhaps!

Anyhoo, I stopped in here to show you this Sprouted Onion by Jonathon Koch, just arrived in email. And to tell you I tried another Salade Niçoise, this time with tuna and green beans, and it was delicious. And green onions.

When my onions sprout, I try to plant them, by tossing them into the yard. I planted my sprouted garlic by putting it in a hole and watering it. We'll see. This same hole previously held a sprouted carrot...pulled up by squirrels.

Email also had the good news of the acceptance of 2 (sprouted!?) poems, so a good Random Coinciday all around.


Carol said...

Congrats on the acceptances! I love that painting....

seana said...

A Story Like the Wind is one of my all time favorite books. I do always like to make sure, though, that people realize there is a sequel called A Far Off Place, because the book itself, at least when I read it, doesn't make it all that clear, and it's kind of an important thing to know.

Congratulations on those poem sprouts.

Collagemama said...

I like your accidental gardening style.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, dear readers!

Seana, I remembered your recommendation & snapped up the book a few years ago when I spotted it at the used book store! Good to know about the sequel, which I may seek out at the library. Our local library will look for it in other libraries if we don't have it.