Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I'm Not

I did one of those diagnostic self-Googlings and found out, once again, what I’m not.

Not a chef
Not an opera singer
Not a life coach
Not a diving coach (that’s my cousin’s wife!)
Not a nun
Not dead
Not an elementary school teacher
Not a lawyer
Not a runner
Not someone with a criminal record
Not in healthcare
Not a party girl
Not married to Leonard
Not 100 years old
Not a Lacrosse player
Not in banking or financial products
Not in the UK

Oh, one of these days I hope to grow up and find out what I am!

What aren’t you?


Kim said...

I'm not the owner of the blue dress with yellow flowers.

seana said...

Fun. I feel sorry for Leonard. Although he probably has a good version too.

It's not as easy a game for me to play. There are a few other versions of me out there, mostly somewhat updated and improved I think. But I'm pretty sure the three people in California with my name are all actually me.

For some reason when they upgraded the computer system at work, they added an extra 'n' to my name, so now the false versions of myself may actually be me too.

Kathleen said...

But I am, Kim! Thanks to you!

Oh, Seana/Seanna, that cracks me up: "the false versions of myself may actually be me too." Ah, how possibly universally true, eh?

seana said...

Well "I contain multitudes," is appropriate to us all, even if Whitman said it first.

Peoplefinder was unable to locate any Seana Grahams in California, it told me. However it did find Sean A Graham, which it assumed to be an alias. Living in Malibu with a known associate by the name of Tabby Hanson. Yeah--busted, Peoplefinder!

Collagemama said...

I googled my Dad's old address and found the street view with my old Buick and a construction dumpster. Such a good look!

Kathleen said...

That's sweet and breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

am not a magician
not a brave soul
not nimble on my feet
not a shell anymore.

somewhere i read about measurements of the lower mark we figure out the differences between us...what we are not. but at the higher mark we spend time figuring out what we are, and how we are similar after all.

hmmm, your blog always tantalizes.


Kathleen said...

Yes, the what we are and how we connect always amazes, comforts, delights me!