Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dressed All in White

Day 265...and it's Halloween!  As I write, I realize I will soon be interrupted by the teenie weenie Halloweeners, er, trick-or-treaters, who start while it is still light out.  I have some Dum-Dums for them.  Usually I have Beer Nuts, but Kiwanis has switched from a peanut day in fall to a flower day in spring, so I don't have any leftover spring flowers or Beer Nuts to hand out at Halloween.

Now some of us might be scared of our own pasts, but Connie has been reading The 13th Hour by Richard Doestsch, and says she doesn't have too many regrets.  It did make her ponder some of the choices she's made, wondering how things might have turned out differently.  I send you to her blog entry, If I knew then what I know now, so you can see more about what she thinks.  You'll see that she's now reading The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown, and pondering that, too.

Looks like The 13th Hour is a thriller with time travel, so a fun way to ponder the past.  Watch out that you don't kill anyone, though.

Here's another wonderful blog entry about books, by Mark Kerstetter, of The Bricoleur.  He shows us ten favorites, covers and all, and a bit about the editions and why he loves them.  I looked for the John Ashbery book with the Joseph Cornell cover at work today, but alas....  We had other Emily Dickinsons, but not the one he pictures.  I have my pink paperback Final Harvest, of which I am very fond.

But, as Mark warns, and in honor of Halloween, we should be scared of editions that present the poems not as Emily wrote them!!  Instead, hacked, maimed, and disguised by editors who chose to conventionalize her.

And it's always fun to see what Seana is reading or discovering over at Not New for Long!  (Currently A Corpse in the Koryo, by James Church.)

I just remembered I have an Emily Dickinson dress in my closet, from past performances of The Belle of Amherst.  I could go as Emily Dickinson for Halloween!!


seana graham said...

Do it! And thanks for the mention.

Kathleen said...

I'm scared I won't fit!

Kathleen said...

I just realized Lindsay Tigue has updated I Heart Short Stories with what she's been reading lately, easily clickable on the blogroll to the right!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

An Emily Dickinson dress in your closet? I doubt there are many who could say the same. I hope you are putting it to good use this Halloween.

Kathleen said...

See that picture of Denise?! She's reading!

Kim said...

I donned a pair of gossamar wings to hand out candy.

Kathleen said...

One of the volleyball girls Thursday night was wearing pink wings!

Not during the actual game. Refs don't like that.