Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pakistani Potluck

Day 254 of the "What are you reading, and why?" project, and Sue is reading the first Harry Potter book because she has never read one, nor seen any of the movies, and the 7th movie is about to come out, so she thought it was time.

I just watched the trailer to the film, and it scared me a little.  That guy's nose!  Or lack thereof.

My parents must be reading the new Granta, because it came in the mail a couple days ago.  The beautiful colorful cover to the Pakistan issue reminds me of a wonderful summer day several years ago when a young man walked onto our grassy volleyball court one Saturday afternoon, joining our motley crew of actors, artists, and dubious athletes in a friendly regular pickup game.  We invited him to the evening barbecue potluck, gave him address and directions, and he came, bringing the 3-hour video to his recent wedding in Pakistan.

And he put it in the VCR and invited us all to watch it!

He was so sweet, so excited, and so friendly.  As it was my home, I spent as much time as I could watching, and asking questions, and smiling and praising, and then I would wander to the kitchen at the back of the house, tending to people, on out the back door to the grill, et cetera.  I do think the video was on for all three hours of the party....

And people would wander in and out politely chatting and watching a few moments of the professionally filmed wedding video, bringing him food and drink.  It all worked out.

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Nancy Devine said...

sometimes it does all work out even though there wasn't a plan, per se, or an agenda.