Sunday, December 26, 2010

BookMan BookWoman

Day 321 of the "What are you reading?" project, and a second Christmas on Boxing Day brought books from BookMan BookWoman Books of Nashville, a used bookstore similar to Babbitt's!  People in our family will now be reading The Noam Chomsky Reader, Leonardo's Legacy, More Stories from The Round Barn, a Bread Loaf poetry anthology, and Emily Dickinson and the Art of Belief.

And while some of us watched It's a Wonderful Life, my mom finished reading Lonesome Dove.  Not on her Kindle!

More tomorrow!

Stay warm and happy, and it is a wonderful life!


Nancy Devine said...

i'm eager to hear about the noam chomsky reader.

Kathleen said...

My husband received it, by chance, from my sister, who did not realize he had just been discovering Chomsky via reading/documentaries on the Internet. She thought he would like Chomsky's complexity, his ability to see & explore both (or all) sides of an issue. He does! My husband thinks Chomsky and Baudrillard will keep his brain very, very busy.

Collagemama said...

Lonesome Dove would actually be a good choice for the Kindle. I use my Kindle for the big heavy books that take me months to read, make my wrists tired, and rack up library overdue fines in hardcover. Lonesome Dove took a year to read when my only chances were sitting on the bleachers while my little sons had swim lessons, or while trapped at the auto dealership during minivan recalls. Just thinking about Pea Eye wandering through the blizzard naked while I watched the Weather Channel this morning, but my memory could be bad by now.