Thursday, December 30, 2010


Day 325 of the "What are you reading?" project, and today is a hodge podge of neato stuff somehow related to reading!

As in, you can read this neato burrito t-shirt!!

1.  Typewriter key jewelry!  My mom gave my sister and me typewriter key bracelets and earrings.  There are a bunch of Etsy sites where you can see some, so I will leave that to you!  I like this one which tells you, in case you don't know, what a typewriter is!  And Monkapaws, where you can click on bracelets to see some similar to ours, or, likewise, earrings.  I would just like to say that my bracelet includes punctuation, and my earrings say "Margin Release."  Because I am definitely on the margin and very...released.

2.  On Kelli's blog!  It's very nice to turn up on the blog of Kelli Russell Agodon, along with other neato blogs I read.  She is the author of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room, a wonderful book of poems.  And you can read a neato interview with her at another blog, Poet Mom.  And check the blogroll roll at the right for other fine poet bloggers!  Kelli's blog also lists Bneato, a neato site for stuff that helps you be neat--oh!

3.  A river of stones!  The stones badge on my blogroll now is clickable and you can visit a blog on writerly mindfulness, with a chance to pay close attention to something each day and write about it, maybe a poem.  Plus, a neato river of coincidii!  At work today, I got to catalogue a handful of Wick Poetry Chapbooks, including Stone for an Eye, by Karen Craigo, which, of course, I brought home, because it is 20 poems about stones.

4.  Word of the Year!  Thanks to NPR, I heard about the American Dialect Society's annual choosing of the word of the year, and you can suggest your favorite word or phrase of the year, too.  Go here for the NPR story.  Neato, huh?!

And if you need a Neato Burrito t-shirt, go here.


Nancy Devine said...

despite my frequently inability to commit, i'm intrigued by the river of stones project. i might even jump in.

seana graham said...


Do people still say it anymore? When I was a kid, we did say it all the time and not in a camp sort of way, either.

Also, typewriters were functional, not the donors of jewelry pieces.

Better stop before I date myself irrevocably, but I am quite interested in what comes up on that NPR site.

Kathleen said...

I knew you would love the word thing, Seana.

Here is a link to the nominations page (to copy and paste into your browser):

And Nancy, you don't have to formally commit or join anything to jump into the river of stones--just pay attention to something each day and write something down. They hope for writers and non-writers, public and private participation.

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

'neato', 'groovy', 'boss','whatever'. Wow, how we've progressed. Feliz, ano nuevo!

Cathy said...

My big brothers used to say "Neato Jet!" Seriously.

Kathleen said...

I still say, "Neatorino!" whatever that means!

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

ooh, ooh, I think I know! "neatorino", a little bit of neat? Huh? Am I good?

Kathleen said...

Nene, for me "neatorino" (or should it be "neatarino"?) is even neater than neato, with a bit of nutrino in it. Kaboom!