Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Acquaintance

Day 326 of the "What are you reading?" project, and I invite you to tell me 1) what you are reading as the year ends and/or 2) roughly how many books you read in 2011.  I was trying to count up my own, but I lost track, due to 1) math challenge and 2) odd recordkeeping.  If I estimate, I have read about 75 books in 2010: 28-30 poetry books and the rest fiction and non-fiction of various sorts.  Ten were with my women's book group--9 novels and a memoir.  At Goodreads, I read 54 books (the poetry books included), but I joined mid-year and did not add everything up to that point.  So I think it comes round to the 75ish count, which sounds good to me.

Perhaps you are reading lists?  Or making them?  Or making resolutions?

I resolve to keep reading--everything.  And to keep up with the "What are you reading, and why?" project right up until Day 365...and then do whatever I want here.  Which will still involve reading.  Somehow.

I resolve to keep promoting poetry by reading and reviewing it, whether it's here in my blog, at Goodreads in the Poetry Readers Challenge group, or for various print and online publications.

I resolve to keep working toward the grand acceptance that leads toward peace of mind and world peace, and to try to get over some of my foibles, pettiness, and moments of cynicism.  I remember my own idealism.  And I find myself asking, "Don't we know that already?" about so many things.  It's a sincere question and a real "we"--the human race--but I realize it presupposes that others are as interested in looking hard at the world, its history, and our day-to-day human behaviors and actions as I am, and many are not.  I know I seem like I am not interested in things political, but I am; I am just not interested in talking politics, nor arguing about politics.  I observe a lot of easy demonizing and judging of others, and I don't see how that will move us toward peace.  And, by the way, don't we know that already?

I resolve to keep it light, and allow humor to rescue me from peevishness whenever I can.  Tee hee.

And dear acquaintances, in real life and in cyberspace, have a happy new year.  I've been hearing lots of versions of "Auld Lang Syne" lately, but I highly recommended the one on the album Eddi Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns.


Nancy Devine said...

i have no idea how many books i read in 2010...certainly not as many as i should have. for now, i want to read all things michael cunningham and then track down some judson mitcham fiction.
and happy new year to you!

Kathleen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loses track and/or doesn't...count!

Anonymous said...

I start tracking every year and then lose count. I have read more this year than last, so that's a start.

Currently reading Anne Carson's Nox and Grave of Light by Alice Notley, both holiday gifts from my family.

Happy New Year!

Kathleen said...

I loved your holiday books rec'd list! Would love to read those myself, Donna! Happy 2011!!

Shannon said...

I've belonged to a book group that migrated to GoodReads a few years ago. It was very active as an AOL group and we not only kept track of the books we were reading, but also compiled a list at the beginning of the new year. I have friends who eagerly await that list because it reflects good reading experiences.

I used to keep a small notebook with the titles and authors of books I've read, but got out of the habit. I picked up the habit again for 2011.

As for what I'm reading now, "Emma" by Jane Austen--because it's loaded on my new Kindle and I've never read it before!

Happy New Year!

seana graham said...

I like reading lists, but I don't like making them, partly because I don't remember, and partly because I always feel that they should have been a good deal longer.

I keep thinking about resolutions, but the only one that I keep coming back to is one about somehow finding a way to read MORE.

I'm just about done with an anthology of Irish crime writing called Requiems for the Departed, have just started The Finkler Question for my reading group, and am well into Stuart Neville's Northern Irish crime book Collusion. Picked up Connie Willis's Blackout today in the overly optimistic hope that I will get to it sometime soon. And reading some short Christmas crime fiction over at Do Some Damage, which has turned out to be great fun.

Happy New Year, Kathleen and other frequenters here!

Kristin Berkey-Abbott said...

I am about to do the 2010 reading wrap up and 2011 reading plan. As the year ends, I'm reading the new Jonathan Franzen. I like it, but if it was a person, I'd have to limit my exposure to it--a dark world view, a snarky tone--a delight to read, but a bit too vicious. It's strange to sense that the author really doesn't like these characters he created. It's all I can do to spend the amount of time it will take reading the book--how on earth did he spend the amount of time it took to write the book with these characters???

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

thank you for your 'words' whether they'd been wise or just a humorous attempt at keeping things 'light' in avoidness of 'peevishness',
they have been inspiriational to your "bff's" (best fond followers).

New Year's commitment: (1) Use more acronyms in lieu of cliches. (2) Make comments in French and Spanish so as to temporarily avoid opposing, antagonistic, adversarial, opinions
(3) read at least one book in the fiction genre. (last but not least) put the toilet seat down(ooops)! Happy New Year!

Kathleen said...

How delightful to hear from everyone, and to hear what you're reading!!

Nene, best wishes on your multilingual life, acronyms, and reading and toilet seat commitments! (Pretend you have a cat in the house, and you don't want to her to drown...or drink!)

Kristin, when I read The Corrections, I had the feeling that the characters were...mmm...familial? So maybe he's working stuff out. I guess I will hesitate to read Freedom, as I don't want to start the year off snarky! Thanks for the heads up.

Shannon, how fun that you are reading Emma. I want to read it again, as I was too young when I first read it, and have seen a couple movie versions since, and want to jumble it all up in my mind!

Nancy, Shannon, and Donna, you are adding to the fabulous stacks, mental or actual, soon to tip over in Sigh....!!

Kathleen said...

I meant Seana for that second "Shannon" as you have a stack in your comment! Also, I am eager to read, in your blog, whether you have a favorite word (or phrase) of the year to propose!!

SarahJane said...

Good Reads helps me keep track. I read between 65-70 books last year, depending on how you slice it. At the turn of the year, I'm reading Christine Garren's Among the Monarch, Mary Robison's Why Did I Ever, and Fernando Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet.
I haven't read Franzen's The Corrections yet, but my colleague is going to lend me his copy so that may be on this year's list.
As always, I hope to read a number of under-celebrated women writers this year.

Kathleen said...

Sarah Jane, I loved your list at your blog, too! And I will join you in seeking out women writers, especially the unsung!

marydee said...

I am just getting to several of your posts that I missed over the holidays.
I keep track of my books and the count for this year is 30. Compare that to 2008 when I read 69 books. That was a good year. But, in 2009 (divorce year) I only made it through 10 books! So, I am slowly getting back up to speed!
I will be starting a new book tonight: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender. Her stories have the feel of grown-up fairy tales and I am looking forward to putting a bookmark in a new read.

Kathleen said...

I remember that title, Mary, probably from one of your bedside stacks! It is delicious.

Yes, back when I was teaching full time, I was lucky if I got to read 10 non-teaching-related books in a year, and that all happened in the summer. I love my job and life-in-reading now. Other than the whole how-am-I-going-to-survive-financially thing.