Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drunken Goat Cheese

It all started with drunken goat cheese, my fascination with stuff that tastes good with wine, or might actually be soaked in wine, as is the case with drunken goat cheese.

I discovered drunken goat cheese at a local wine bar, back when I had a full-time teaching job, so 1) I really needed a wine bar and 2) I could afford to go. I did imagine a drunken goat, but I have enough brain cells left also to imagine the actual soaking process, which you can read about here, where drunken goat cheese is referred to as "booze's best bud."

Alas, the wine bar has closed, but last night, after the poetry reading, I discovered hot goat cheese balls at Reality Bites, a local tapas bar. Goat cheese balls are lightly rolled in breadcrumbs and served warm on a plate with honey and cayenne pepper.  Wonderful with 14 Hands merlot.

Kim and I had gone carousing (on a Tuesday night, after a poetry reading at the local history museum, to give you a context for our kind of carousing), so we were recalling spiced nuts and other wine-associated pleasures, and that's why it is both Fat Tuesday and the Hump of the Week in the blog today.

The reading went very well!  A big bunch of people came despite the morning's snow, including an old friend who now makes cheese!! The Ropp family also has field trips to help the kids of today know where milk and cheese really come from, and we know it's true that some kids are growing up somewhat detached from that knowledge.

Many nice comments after the reading, plus the exciting news that Bill's daughter-in-law has a blog called Bacon and Chocolate.  In my desperate search for it this morning, I found instead  Noble Pig, a site that is "...a little about food...a little about wine...and a lot about nothing," so, of course, I highly recommend it. And there you can find a recipe for bacon chocolate chip cookies.

And there's also Chocolate University Online, where you can read about Scotch with chocolate covered bacon and other bacon & chocolate delights.

Wikipedia covers chocolate and bacon, as well, including chocolate-covered bacon on a stick, for all of you meat-on-a-stick lovers out there.  (Or There's Something About Mary lovers.)

I'm sure I'll talk about books again soon, but for now I'm waxing poetic about stuff you ought not to be eating, Lent or not.

Update! Bacon and Chocolate found! And followed! She hasn't updated lately, but she's been busy. And you will enjoy the other food pix & recipes!


Julie Kistler said...

I've never had chocolate with bacon (or bacon with chocolate) and now I want some. Bad.

Nancy Devine said...

chocolate and bacon makes me wish i liked bacon.

Kathleen said...

I think I will be seeing Bill this afternoon, you two, so if I can get a correct address for the Bacon and Chocolate blog I will post it tomorrow and we can all follow and drool and eat vicariously.

Anonymous said...

I'm STARVING (for bacon & chocolate)

wicked stuff!

Maureen said...

This post I had to tweet.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Maureen. Tweeting bacon and chocolate seems much healthier than eating bacon and chocolate!!

Hannah Stephenson said...

Yay yay yay. So glad to hear that your reading was a wonderful success. I've been thinking a lot lately that I wish I could participate in a reading with all of my favorite writers that I know through the interweb (like you).

If you ever happen to drop by Ohio, let me know--I'm now hosting a monthly reading at the OSU Urban Arts Space and would totally feature you....:)

Maybe a Skype reading could be interesting.

I'm a vegetarian, so no bacon for me, but plenty of chocolate, please.

Kathleen said...

Hannah, the OSU Urban Arts Space blows me away. I will come to Columbus for a reading, you bet! And stay with my sister! So keep me in the loop!

Collagemama said...

My farm friend just sent me a cute, cute, cute photo of herself with her new little kids, so I've been thinking goat thoughts. Did you ever hear the story about how Robert McCloskey drew all the ducklings for "Make Way..."? Allegedly, he had a bunch of ducklings in his apartment, sipping wine and waddling around. He needed to slow them down enough to get good drawings. Don't know if the story is true, but it is good to imagine while eating cheese balls.

Kathleen said...

Oh, dear, now I might be thinking of drunken duck salad.

Kim said...

Road trip to Ohio!

Kathleen said...

Exactly! With pit stops for drunken goat cheese!