Saturday, March 19, 2011

Of Cabbages and Queens

This is another gorgeous painting by Jonathan Koch, called Cabbage, Potatoes, Shallot, Carrot, Parsley. 

And here is the current issue of blossombones, edited by Susan Slaviero.

The random connection: I have 3 poems in this issue, and there’s a cabbage in one of them. All three poems respond to paintings, and the cabbage is in La Fruitiere by Childe Hassam.

Slaviero is the author of Cyborgia, where she explores the red queen hypothesis in poetry!

Tonight is the “Supermoon,” but, as this article warns us, don’t call it that. And don’t expect it to cause natural disasters. By chance, I recently looked again at Moonstruck, which has certainly got a supermoon in it. And you might also recall the comic supermoon from Bruce Almighty.  Cher is really good in Moonstruck. The moon is the queen of the sky.

I hope the skies are clear tonight where you are, and where I am, so we can all see the really big full moon very close to earth.

Two-Day Old Irish blessing:

May the moon rise up to meet you smack in the face, and may you enjoy your leftover corned beef and cabbage. (Hey, it’s Slattern Day in the blog. Did you expect me to cook up something new?)


Sandy Longhorn said...

That issue of blossombones is fantastic. So glad to see your poems there and have a chance to read them.

Sadly, it's complete cloud cover city here. :( Doesn't look like we'll get a shot at the moon.

I'm pretty sure there is a massive moon in Joe and the Volcano, which is not the best Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan movie ever made, but I do love that ocean/moon scene.

Nancy Devine said...

terrific poems, kathleen.

Maureen said...

I so enjoyed reading your poems!

Kathleen said...

Thanks, all.

The supermoon must really interest John Patrick Shanley, who wrote both those movies, eh?!

seana said...

I too loved reading the poems, and will go back to them.

We've had a huge storm here, so I will to make do with images of the supermoon, rather than the supermoon itself.

And the Jonathan Koch painting is beautiful, even virtually.