Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easing the Spring

Pink sky early this morning. Now the sun, in a pale blue sky.

Japonica glistens like coral in my neighbor's garden.

Ah, see "Naming of Parts" by Henry Reed, here.  And listen to him read it, with Frank Duncan.

His first year of college, my son made a short video on the horror of war using this poem.

The coral impatiens I brought in for the winter is budding in a kitchen pot right now, neighboring nasturtium leaves in a long tumble.  Monday I took tiny black seeds of white bleeding heart to a woman I met in a coffeeshop, handing her the little envelope with joy.

Wikimedia image attribution/license here.
Japonica, and fruits, here.
Whole page of japonica here.


April 21 poem-a-day prompt: justice or a gavel


Hannah Stephenson said...

I'm thinking of flowers today, too. I am so thankful for spring!!!

Kathleen said...

I've walked by the gardens in the lawns in Columbus & Westerville in April, Hannah! There will be Ohio spiderwort!

Collagemama said...

Thank you for the poem. It stomped on my chest and reminded me of sharing a powerful exhibit of Henry Moore's lithographs of evacuees huddled in the Tube during the Blitz with Fritzi and my dad.