Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday

There's been a request that I share my poetry prompts for April, National Poetry Month, so I will try to do that from now on at the end of each blog entry in April (today including the earlier prompts), but I urge all you poets out there to Google around till you find just the right poetry site for you.

Some of the prompting sites are in the blogroll here on the right.

Today's prompt from me is the phrase "back-to-work" because it is Monday, Monday. Plus, it is Blue Monday in the blog. Yesterday the college boy went back to school, after a pleasant long weekend at home, picked up by his friends in a blue car.

This Mama and Papa had been hanging out with our "boy" outdoors in the wonderfully windy 82-degree day, on the patio, at picnic table and on rusty glider, talking about nothing and everything, as life rolled by.

Speaking of blue, I continue to admire Gina Berriault's stories in Women in Their Beds. A lot of them of are blue. A lot have a slice-of-life quality, showing us the blue moment and/or the tender, aching moment of love or grief or regret, and doing nothing artificial to resolve it, erase it, or appease the gods.

I love the coincidence that some of her stories are about actresses, artists, or novelists, and about the dilemmas of balancing life and art, or what is reasonable to reveal in art, or why it might not be reasonable to reveal (or distort) it.

That reasoning goes on in the reader's head (my pretty blue head), not necessarily the story.


So, prompts for April poem-a-day:

April 1--personal folly
April 2--slatternly tendencies
April 3--group dreaming (Google Inception or Jung)
April 4--back-to-work


Elisabeth said...

I'm new here, Kathleen. I can't quite remember how I came but it matters not. I'm ever pleased to meet a new poet.

Kathleen said...

Welcome! And I'm pleased to know I'm not the only one who can't remember how I got here or there...