Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem-a-Day Buzz

It's the Hump of the Week in the blog and actually Wednesday, the hump of the week, and, yes, today's poem-a-day prompt is "hump of the week."  I laid all these out in advance for my local poetry workshop and an online forum, but they are surprisingly apt once we get to them.  Yesterday's prompt was "well gone dry," and I learned that a number of people's poetry wells had gone dry, but I'm hoping the chance to write a poem about it got them through.

The little buzz one gets from writing all these poems is another thing that keeps me going during National Poetry Month, all that focused energy. But then there's the annoying buzz, the little do-bee from Romper Room telling me I've got to write a poem....

And that's the topic of this little piece over at Her Circle Ezine, a fine online gathering place for women, and for humans who read, look, listen, and think.

One woman who is doing a terrific job of writing and posting her poems is Risa Denenberg, who is posting her poems here, in her own blog, and also at Gazebo, where she participates in a poetry workshop.

Some of Risa's poems are exploring the hump of a life--that is, middle age and its stumblings and joys, sudden chin hairs, changes.  I love her use of precise medical terminology: "Today I found a spider / angioma on my cheek" and, discussing her eyebrows, forehead, and scar, "supraorbital ridge."

As some of us keep writing our poems-a-day, we hope to get through this hump of the month, this hump of the spring, with its return to snow, its sudden hail and thunder, its floating mists.

Do be a do-bee.

(I leave all jokes, puns, illegal activities, and inappropriateness to you and the Urban Dictionary.)


Emily said...

Ooo! Ooo! Medical terminology! I love learning about anything medical! Can you say FAVORITE TOPIC?

Kathleen said...

Definitely go read Risa's poems then, Emily!

Kim said...

Note to self: do not ever again google "hump" looking for ideas to get the poetic ...juices...nevermind

Collagemama said...

Mr. Gump has a seven hump Wump.

How bizarre it seems now that we watched a preschool class push in their chairs and drink chocolate milk on our black and white tvs.