Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go Figure

Based on statistics (number of views per individual blog entry here at my innocuous blog), hedgehogs are way more popular than sex.

Right now the hedgehog post has easily overtaken “Boobies and Baseball” (illustrated with a girl in a baseball-themed bikini) and is well on its way to passing “Frigate Bird.” So, yes, unusual animals are more popular than boobies (well, the blue-footed booby is an animal). 

I have to delete most of the comments that come for "More Party Girls," which is about book group and collage bookmarks, so I carefully did not title this entry "More Popular than Sex."

As the hits are piling up rapidly, “Hedgehog Hodgepodge” may also soon surpass “Intercity Volleyball.”

But could it ever accrue more hits than “My Brain is Origami”? We’ll find out.

To get back to poetry and art, today’s poem-a-day prompt is “art by women, women painters in history or now,” as I am on my way to Woman Made Gallery in Chicago for a poetry reading!  Later!


Kathleen said...

This is just to say

I have not eaten
the hedgehog
that has already

surpassed the frigate
bird in popularity
on the blog

Nor any other
cute, spiky, or endangered
from Galapagos

marydee said...


Kristin said...

Long ago,I wrote a post on Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers," where I wrote about persistence vs. talent as a marker for success. I think that post has gotten more hits than any other post I've ever written, which continues to surprise me, since it's not my favorite book, not my favorite writer and far from my favorite blog post that I've done. Ah, the ways of Google Search are strange!

The post can be found here:

Julie Kistler said...

Maybe you should post about the eagles' nest cam I linked to on FB. It's pretty nifty. And it's avian, so may get lots of hits.

I hope the poetry reading in Chicago is going well!

Kathleen said...

Kristin, I will check out your post.

Julie, I'm delighted for the eagle babies, but I won't be using them to promote my blog! I also carefully did not title my entry "Blue-Footed Booby," fun as that would have been!