Saturday, October 22, 2011

Midnight in Paris

I loved this movie!

Midnight in Paris.

Saw it last night with my parents at the Normal Theatre, our lovely little restored Art Deco moviehouse. Beautiful Uptown Normal was all lit up, the trees wrapped in bluish white and red mini-lights. Woody Allen is back! As a filmmaker. And Owen Wilson stars! Charming, charming.

I won't say more: 1) It's Slattern Day in the blog, so I don't have to say more 2) I want you to be taken by surprise!


Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...

My favorite movie this year! Love!

Maureen said...

I also enjoyed this movie a lot. The choices of actors were so right for the parts. A lot of fun to see.

Pearl said...

me too. we saw it twice.

Kathleen said...

Pearl, I will, too! Glad you liked it, Kells and Maureen. I will recommend it to so many people!