Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interrupted Reading

Oh, dear, I am dusting today. Why? Well, things are dusty. I am cleaning up the piles in my office that having interrupted my reading, writing, thinking, and efficiency. Sigh.... So, it must be done.

Today's local poem-a-day prompt was to respond to a painting, so I responded to this one, Interrupted Reading, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (c. 1870) because it is in my 1994 The Subject is Women calendar from the Art Institute of Chicago, a calendar I cannot throw away because of the beauty within, which, then, sits around collecting dust.


seana graham said...

If I could get to the place where I find myself dusting, I would be light years ahead of where I stand, or really sit, today.

Kathleen said...

I was standing, sitting, and bending in between the necessary dusting. Sigh... All in one room, the office!

The Beans said...

I love the expression captured on the subject's face. It evokes that frustrated huff of "what do you want?" when one is rudely interrupted right in the middle of reading a riveting passage.

Either that or she got very bored posing for the painting, ha ha.

-Barb the French Bean

Molly said...

Oh dear, I think I've looked at my children with just that face.... when they have...... interrupted my reading :)