Saturday, April 7, 2012

Purple Coneflowers

I planted some of these from seed a couple days ago, purple coneflowers, seeds harvested from Bill's garden, and found this image at this fabulous blog, Beyond all reason and sanity.

Since everything came from somebody else, and the work was done earlier, and I got dirt under my fingernails from not wearing garden gloves, this proves that I am a slattern on Slattern Day in the blog. Right?


Jeannine said...

Yesterday I bought a little garden sign at Target that said "Beware of snap dragons." It made me unreasonably happy. That's gardening for you.

Kathleen said...

Oh, wonderful! I want some snap dragons! And I want that sign!!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Purple cone flowers = one of my favorites from the prairie!

Total slattern-ness down here as well: poetry & baseball.

Kathleen said...

Poetry & laundry here. But I forgot the laundry part, maintaining slatternliness.

The Beans said...

My area needs these flowers. Seeing so many variations of palm trees gets to me at times. --.--

And, yes, that *would* make you a slattern on Slattern day. ^.^

-Barb the French Bean