Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cosmo Girl

It's hard to believe this lovely lady has left the earth. Phyllis White. And isn't that a Cosmopolitan?

Yep. Phyllis White, Cosmo Girl.

Wise, funny, gracious, kind.

Her daughter and her son-in-law reflected on her life, her personality, and her kindness in church today, and you can read their thoughts and one of Phyllis's poems in The Reflecting Pool. This poem was about the loss of another member of the congregation, so there was a shared mourning here today.

And a lovely lightness, full of singing and laughter, too.

During church, a grumble of thunder, and a soft and needed rain. Followed by sunlight...for those who like to have a Sunday afternoon Cosmo on the deck.


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Kim said...

Sweet Pea Dub, you are very much missed here.