Friday, June 1, 2012

June is Busting Out All Over

Imagin-ary sound-track: "June is Busting Out All Over" from Carousel.

But it's still chilly and damp around here, not very Juney-looking or -feeling. We so needed the rain, but it bent down the tall spiderwort stems and compromised the gloriosa daisies just beginning to bloom. The spiderwort are leaning over the balsam stems that seem to grow 1-2 inches overnight when well watered. I'll see what I can do to lift, prop up, and tie back.

As if to make it a Random Coinciday in my little world, the new issue of YB Poetry is just up, #6: Plants, with 2 of my poems in it, a marvelous gallery of plant photos by Dorothee Lang, and a whole garden of marvelous offerings.

My poem, "A Blue Petal," though written from earlier impulses and intuitions, somehow gets at my mixed feelings today and my grief over Phyllis, who died yesterday.

"Alligator Pear" must be about feeling askew in the world while hoping for avocados.


Ruth said...

I meant to say last post that I am sorry about your losing your friend, though the prospect of her pain free is so good.

Your poem Blue Petal makes me ache at the edges that are undefined. Really gorgeous.

Kathleen said...

Thank you, Ruth.

Anonymous said...

so honest with your aches, these poems speak for me, too.

i am sorry for your loss, kathleen.


Kathleen said...

Thanks, Sherry. And thanks for your work on YB.

SarahJane said...

Hi Kathleen,
Loved your poems - how effortless you make it seem. Both so good. Thanks, and sorry from me, too.
alles Gute

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Sarah.

Rose Hunter said...

I'm so sorry Kathleen.

Thanks for the wonderful poems.

Kathleen said...

Thank you, Rose, and thanks for the wonderful YB #6: Plants.

Molly said...

Kathleen, so sorry about your friend. Sending comfort.

The avocado made me think of this poem by Alison Stine:

Kathleen said...

Oooh, thanks for that Alison Stine poem.

And thanks for the comforts. I want to comfort her daughter, who is there in California, attending to everything.And I will, when she returns.