Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Natural Buoyancy

Today the pool felt great. I felt so naturally buoyant! "Buoy," "buoyant," and "buoyancy" are words that always look weird to me, and I pretty much always have to look them up to make sure I put the "u" and the "y" in the right place.

Today I needed to type it to tell you about the new poetry feature, by Peg Duthie, up at Escape Into Life, with collage paintings by Karin Miller. This one is called Natural Buoyancy, but I see that whoever labelled it at EIL (when you hover over the image there) left out the "u," though natural "boyancy" sounds pretty fun, too.

It's so much fun to pair poems and art at EIL. When I saw the Guess Who? painting, I knew that was a perfect fit with the secret-admirer valentine poem, and everything felt, well, naturally buoyant from then on!

And I had fallen in love with Let's Do Lunch when I first saw this Artist Watch feature in mid-June. Generally, I go back a little further, to make sure readers/viewers see some of the previous artists featured at EIL, but this was too perfect a pairing to pass up.

But back to buoyancy! As Archimedes said, in 212 B.C., so he could not have been discussing my early-morning lap swimming, "Any object, wholly or partly immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object." I am the partly immersed object!

(See gray ball in Wikimedia Commons diagram.)

Also, I have been remembering that lover's note, in a famous movie, a romantic comedy, I think, that reads, "You are my density." What is that movie, please?

(That guy was naturally boyant.)


Anonymous said...

oh i love the way you wandered through this, partially submersed.


Kathleen said...

Thanks, Sherry! Sometimes I think I can breathe underwater.

I can't, though.

Maureen said...

Such a great pairing of images and poems, Kathleen.

There are many very good lines in the poems; one I really is "I would walk over oranges for you." It creates both a visual and the sensation of squishiness.

Kathleen said...

I love that line, too, Maureen!

Cathy said...

Back to the Future?

I love the collage art, and also your thoughts about Archimedes' bathtub.

Hannah Stephenson said...

I am such a sucker for a good pun.

"I brought you flours." (Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction....he presents this romantic gift to Maggie Gyllenhaal, a baker!).

Wonderful art and poems.

Kathleen said...

Back to the Future, yes! Thanks, Cathy! Of course, I should have known after my little trip to 212 B.C. in a DeLorean!!

I love those flours, too, Hannah!

The Beans said...

I suddenly wish I had a pool in my area so I could go for a swim. I get tired of sitting in my room, locked away from the heat. @_@

-Barb the French Bean

Molly said...

Wow, I just love these images. I'm feeling the urge to draft ekphrastic poems.....