Friday, June 22, 2012

The Importance of Being Early

Today I arrived early for an eleven o'clock appointment (to tape some poems!) at the radio station and got to hear the Evie Ladin Band taping a couple songs for Acousticity on WGLT!!!

I got there just as Evie Ladin and Keith Terry started to sing the Coocoo Song* which includes a spoon solo by Keith who is an International Body Music guy. You can hear another version of it, with additional band members, on youtube or via their home page (scroll down and click, and/or pick other songs, too!)

He also played his hands, making me cry.

I was able to arrive early, even though I was on foot, because yesterday my dentist's office called to ask if I wanted to move my 9:20 appointment on Friday up to 8:30--Yes! if you don't mind my hair still being wet from lap swimming! You can come in your pajamas and slippers if you like!--and that meant I could also stop by the Bloomington Public Library on my way back, and check out a book I can only get there, and still be home in time to leave the car behind and walk to beautiful Uptown Normal, where the aquatic plants are blooming in greens and dark purple around the beautiful Uptown traffic circle on this beautiful, beautiful day.

*I have written about "The Cuckoo Song" before, oddly enough. This is the second version mentioned in that Sumer is Icumin In blog post, the song sung in Songcatcher, the movie, for which I have the soundtrack.

You can hear the poems, by the way, in the forthcoming summer issue (@ July 1?) of Menacing Hedge. Take a look at the current issue here!

You can get Evie Ladin Band CDs in their store, here!  Beautiful voices, beautiful lyrics, spoons, hands, and clawhammer banjo!

And here is their tour schedule. Maybe they are coming to a town near you! Geographically, this could mean Turkey, Spain, Sweden, and many places in the USA, including Texas!


Collagemama said...

But wait. What was your appointment? More info needed. Enjoying the youTubes of Edie.

Cathy said...

Sounds like a truly lovely morning!

Jayne said...

Oh, my kind of music. I can't resist a beautiful voice and a banjo! Wonderful. :)

How wish I could step out my door to take walks like you do. (Well, I do walk, actually, but not to a pretty town center. We don't have one!) Sigh.