Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Darkness and a Duck

Well, the "spring forward" aspect of Daylight Saving Time has made it dark again around here in the early morning, during the get-to-school-work-and/or-exercise-class routine. It's depressing, as the optimism of spring was just arriving via the light!

But this morning, in the dark, a duck was crossing the road. I didn't hit her, and she stopped. Headlights. Noise. It's nice to see her back. A pair of mallards wanders the neighborhood each spring. Sometimes they swim in the tiny pond that appears at the back corner of two lots here after a strong rain. As happened yesterday.

Mixed with snow. No doubt the ducks didn't like that any more than I did.

But the sun is shining today! Blue sky. No snow in the forecast. No snow on the steps of the McLean County Museum of History. Come on over at 7:30 for ¡Fiesta, Forever! ¡A Celebration in Poetry!   
Poets in the community are reading poems composed in response to objects and information in the current exhibit on Mexican popular arts. 

The museum exhibit is set up like a tourist visit if you could travel through time, getting your passport stamped in every region, seeing colorful stuff and learning a lot about history, pottery, handicrafts, stone, the Mayans, and Catholic saints as you go! Free, fun, colorful, cultural.

Thanks to the museum for the graphic, Country Financial for helping to sponsor the exhibit, and Richard Bartz for the ducks.


Kathleen said...

Ack! Jinx! Spoke too soon! Wrote this, stepped back outside, and it began to snow! Beautiful fat flakes, the clumpy kind. But it's not sticking.

Ack! Why did I say that?

Kim said...

Yeah, flurries underway as I read this across town!

Kathleen said...

Chicks and ducks and geese better hurry
Here come gobs of snow in a flurry
But we all can go in a surrey with a fringe of mop!

[Shall I go on?]

Cathy said...

Ducky up here, too! I've been riding my bike through lazy snowflakes for the last two days, but none of the little buggers has the energy to stick.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Exact same reaction to DST here at the Kangaroo. Grrrrrrrr. And the temps have dipped down here as well. Grrrrrrr. Come on Spring, we're rooting for you!

Collagemama said...

Roll up your eisenglass windows.

seana graham said...

I think I better just keep my mouth shut about the weather out our way just now...

Kathleen said...

On our way to the reading, a furious flurry of snow arrived, flakes as big as feathers of duck down, etc. And it stuck.

But it was a great reading, well attended, anyhoo! Perhaps a few were kept at home by fear of snow, but many others arrived and enjoyed themselves, including a sweet little boy, about five, sitting on his daddy's lap!