Monday, March 4, 2013

Silent Spring

It's not quite spring yet, but it's coming! And I'm glad it's not silent. Birds were singing this winter morning! But I've been thinking of Rachel Carson on this Blue Monday, as we begin to celebrate Women's History month over at Escape Into Life, first with If Bees Are Few--another look at the prairie, this time with the help of Emily Dickinson, Rachel Carson, and Sandra Steingraber.

It's another look at Shawn Decker's Prairie, too.

The other art you'll see there, and here, is by Chuck E. Bloom. Chosen for its eerie beauty and haunting titles: What We Forget, Appreciated From a Distance, and How Many Times Will It Take? Go take a look.

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Mrs. Tuna said...

I read Silent Spring last year, very powerful for its time.