Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Celestial Maps

Last night when I stepped out of the theatre after rehearsal, the moon was emerging from clouds. Half the moon, or, rather, a half moon, the edge amazingly straight. Ah, I love the serendipitous beauties of the earth, of my life, of our shared lives in this universe. How does it all happen? How does it all come together? I so often stand back in curiosity and amazement.

I remember being like this as a child, always asking, "Why?" as children do, and "What does that mean?" about words, phrases, expressions, figures of speech. I remember the first time my mom answered a "What does that mean?" question with, "Oh, that's just a figure of speech." "What's a figure of speech?" I asked. Of course. And now I'm a writer.

Today's new poet at Escape Into Life is Lynne Knight, with amazingly honest poems. Brace yourself for "To My Rapist." And "The Great Verb." These are paired with map art by Ed Fairburn, drawings on actual geographical maps (of Germany or the Lake District) or star charts (the celestial maps you see here).

When will I see the moon tonight? Where will it be? Will its edge still be a straight edge, or already blurring?

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