Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discover the World

Yes, yes, it's Pink Martini again!

While I was swimming this morning, I was thinking of the abundance of interconnected things I forgot to say yesterday! So today, Fat Tuesday in the blog, I will toss some of them into my little Parisian net grocery bag (that I just made up in my head, to take along on that roller skating vacation under the Eiffel Tower).

Personal joy: 2 poems in the new "Lucky #13" issue of Soundzine!

Shared abundance: all those cool places that offer audio and/or video with poetry, or a wacky & wonderful conglomeration of varied stuff: Whale Sound, Via Negativa, The Nervous Breakdown, The Rumpus. And, of course, Escape Into Life!*

I love these wild & generous collaborations.

*See this t-shirt? I now have one! So do my husband, daughter, and son! We all got to attend an Escape Into Life party on Saturday night, and a sweet celebration of Chris Al-Aswad, founder, and his sister, Mandy, who has taken on the adventure, and we got to meet their father and other family members and friends. A lovely time, and fireworks on Lake Michigan!

So...while I was swimming...but wait! While we were in Chicago, we saw the gigantic statue of Marilyn Monroe that just went up (like her skirt). Here are some pics, at the blog of Coffee Lovin' Mom! (Plain white panties underneath.)  Her pics were posted the same day we were standing there looking up at Marilyn. Hmm, so now it's also a Random Coinciday in the blog.

Anyhoo, while I was swimming...I was comparing Cordwainer Smith, science fiction writer, with Flannery O'Connor, literary (Southern Gothic?) fiction writer, in terms of a moral worldview and the ability to enjoy the work in multiple ways, and also in terms of complexity, but most of that is now lost in the chlorine.

But I still remember my husband climbing up and down fallen trees in the Michigan woods to get off or back onto the beaten path...and the splendor in the grass.


Maureen said...

I enjoyed your poems, and the extra of getting to hear you read them.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Maureen! I always enjoy the wild generosity at your blog, too!!