Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rosy-Fingered Dawn

I saw rosy-fingered dawn this morning, and I don't mean this documentary on the films of Terrence Malick.  I mean the pink strands of light in the eastern sky.

I mean the Homeric epithet on this kind of early morning light. I mean the dubious image that is somehow wrong and right at once, as in this blog discussion with cartoons!

Speaking of cool stuff, take a look at this Weatherburn Gallery page, scrolling down for Marina Dieul's painting, When Rosy Fingered Dawn... (which I can't show you, as I don't have permission for this image). Cherubs on a ledge.

Instead, I offer you a rosy-chested bird.

And this pink candy heart.

As you can see, it's a Random Coinciday on a Fat Tuesday in the blog.

To continue the random coincidii, I came across the term "wierd" this morning (another spelling of "wyrd" and referring to that which rules our fate, as in "the wierd [or weird] sisters" in Macbeth, and relating to reading The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor Brown) in my daughter's British Lit textbook, in an Anglo-Saxon poetry context. They are gearing up to read Beowulf, and I saw her sampling of Old English on a handout. There might be a quiz...


Collagemama said...

I'm going with the wine dark sea tonight instead of the rosy-fingered dawn tomorrow.

Love your phrase about "cherubs on a ledge".

seana graham said...

I really like the juxtaposition of those two images together.

Kathleen said...

Me, too, Seana! And be sure to visit the cherubs on a ledge that Collagemama likes in language as well as image! It's not at all sentimental, you will discover! I guess "on a ledge" predicts that!