Monday, June 18, 2012

Expiated Guilt

Well, today I managed not to have wine for breakfast. 

(See yesterday,* plus comments.) 

*See also, Kristin’s blog entry & poem on food journals.

Instead, I had low-fat yogurt and granola. First, I had a little OJ and swam my laps. Right after breakfast, I walked into town and back to do errands, hoping to beat the heat, but instead my walk was sort of a combination of Native American sweat lodge and Bikram Yoga.**

**Except where it says “ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F (≈ 40.6°C) with a humidity of 40%” substitute “actually practiced while walking to and from town in air heated to 95°F with 90% humidity.” 

Wearing a skinny-strapped top and a good (strapless) bra, to remain presentable at bank, library, and post office.

While walking, I wrote two entire humor columns in my head. If only I could get paid for that.

Then I came home and wrote them down in my cool, lower-level office, with a breeze coming in from the gangway.  If only I could get paid for that! Hmm, we’ll see. But fear not! My flexible (thanks to heat and humidity and lap swimming) life as a poet and freelance editor is actually working out, for which I am so grateful.

Also grateful for this cool, healthy picture of Grapes with Watermelon, by Jonathan Koch. If I eat watermelon for the rest of the summer, I should be fine. Or grapes.

But thanks to all of you who pointed out the value of occasional indulgences and that wine is a fruit.


Robert Mc said...

Your wine indulgence made me not feel bad at all as I had a glass of Rose just past the noon hour today. It went so well with the pineapple I was chopping up--not as pure summer as watermelon, but refreshing nonetheless. I bet it'll mix well with vanilla ice cream later!

Kathleen said...

And, likewise, you have comforted me!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Not sure if this helps, but your numbers (ie temp and humidity) are bigger than ours down here in the South. I
Still, we are close. I go out and think "this isn't so bad" and then I try to do something that involves more than standing still and whamo! the heat is on!

Good luck staying cool.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Yech, hot and humid and yucky today here, too, with occasional downpours.

It's 4:00...does that count as happy hour?

Kathleen said...

You're asking me? But the answer is: "Yes, by all means!"*

*suggested means: margarita

Collagemama said...

"A glass of rose just past the noon hour today" sounds like a motto for living, maybe embroidered as a sampler.

Susan Rich said...

Watermelon is the new super food and since wine also begins with a w -- we should be good! Where are you with such heat today? Surely not the Oregon coast?

Kathleen said...

Good old central Illinois, land of corn and soybeans. And heat & humidity, though it's fine now, beautiful blue sky, breezy & still cool in the early morning...

Cathy said...

Will there be a food diary poem?

In more civilized parts of the world, they drink wine with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and whenever else they damn well please.

Kathleen said...

I'm glad to know I'm so civilized! Which, around here, can also mean I'm married to a woman! Legally! Yay, Illinois.

Although, legally I'm married to a man.