Friday, September 24, 2010

That Ship has Sailed

Day 228 of the "What are you reading, and why?" project and my dad is reading the Horatio Hornblower naval novels of C. S. Forester because he just became aware of them!

Indeed, according to the C. S. Forester Society, "C. S. Forester is back in fashion!"

And, according to wikipedia, Ernest Hemingway said, "I recommend Forester to everyone literate I know."

By coincidence, something you know I love, we got a bunch of naval history books at Babbitt's recently.

Also by coincidence, people keep thinking I'm my mom.  Now my mom is a beautiful woman, and I do want to grow up to be just like her.  But this is getting silly.

At the play last Friday, I sat between my parents, confusing our mutual pharmacist into thinking I was married to my dad, and my mom was his mother-in-law.   I don't want to think about that sentence.

And today, two people thought I was my mom in the cemetery.  Er, I was there rehearsing for the upcoming cemetery walk, and one was a newspaper photographer, the other a radio interviewer, and now the whole town will be confused, not just the pharmacist.


Susan Ryder said...

Now I'm confused too! Who are you?

ted tingley said...

I started out looking at your "You might like"
reading list at the end of you blogs and your comments on your recommedations. I find that I
am more interested in your comments and analyses than than seeking out the books. So if
you don't mind I will be perusing your many
blogs for a while.

Kathleen said...

Ted, I am honored and thrilled. Read whatever you like, even if it's me, the weird foldings of my brain.

If you read a book you like, let me know, and I will feature it here!

JulieK said...

I think you are just so Method that you are taking on the patina of Helen Stevenson, who was way older than you.