Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anything Can Happen on 12-12-12 Day

Recovering from food poisoning by doing laundry. Yesterday was the day of dozing during movies. Today is 12-12-12, an uncanny date for these self-proclaimed "uncanny" poems by Kate Bernadette Benedict over at Escape Into Life, with uncanny dreamlike art by Kamina Cox-Palmer.

Happy Anything Can Happen Day, Mouseketeers!

In my own poetry life, composition is down, rejection is up. The bright side of everybody cleaning out their files at the end of the year and sending things back is...I can do my 100 Rejections tally early, perhaps. But, as I am relentless, I keep sending things out right up until all the December deadlines.

Hasta la vista, baby.


The Swamp Lawyer said...

Okay, you write persistently, and well and have for awhile. At this point in your career, what is an acceptable hit ratio for submissions? Clearly I'm feeling more statistical than poetic today.

I hope you are recovering from whatever poisoned you!

Maureen said...

Great feature at EIL. Once again, a perfect pairing of images with words.

Hope you're feeling better. Food poisoning while doing laundry sounds like the start of a poem.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, dears! Maureen, could be! But I might recollect it in tranquility. Swamp lawyer, I'll let you know when I work out the stats.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Aw, food poisoning? Horrible. Hope you're feeling better.

On my end, composition is up, submissions are down--your strategy is much better than mine! Over break, that's what I need to do (along with several other things).

Kathleen said...

Hannah, best wishes over break! Mine is not a strategy but a temporary pause, alas. I wish composition was up, but I've come to trust the dry spells as necessary. As long as they don't last too long!

Cathy said...

I'm predicting a cold front of bad poetry will hit your dry spell, creating a flurry of poems.

Three poems of mine showed up at Strong Verse this week, two of them from our shenanigans last April! Thank you again for hosting. It was exhausting, but wonderful.

Kathleen said...

Thrilled for you, Cathy! I will take a look!

Yes, indeed, a flurry of bad poetry is indeed spewing forth!